Dreaming of bears: Since the bear is such an imposing animal, when you dream of it, it cannot go unnoticed.

There are many different ways to interpret dreams about this this mountain mammal. The bear is a sign of unconsciousness, it is also considered as the dreamlike manifestation of your primitive urges. Seeing one in his dream does not bode well. Your living conditions are at stake. You risk putting him in danger.

If, on the other hand, several bears are present in your dream, you will be fed by too many illusions which will not yet be realized. Succeeding in defeating a bear is a mark of success. This happy omen can be tainted by excessive love which if overflown which can be harmful to you.

Regarding the dream of a polar bear, you will experience a marked improvement in your standard of living. The brown bear, for its part, is a sign that your pessimism will make you fear a change. Seeing a circus bear in your dream can be considered a large sum of money.

The bear in dreams represents above all a strong female presence in your life, like your mother or a particularly protective person. Dreaming of bears also symbolizes renewal, resurrection after a period of break or rest. Depending on whether the bear interacts with you in the dream, as well as other details important to you, the interpretation will vary. Here are some common bear dream scenarios and their meanings.

What does it mean to dream of bears?

Dreaming of bears has the following potential meanings:

  • A maternal presence
  • Renewal
  • Independence
  • Peace
  • Kindness
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Maternity
  • Power
  • Sovereignty

Dreaming of a bear can be symbolic of the mother.

The bear in dreams is closely associated with the image of the mother. Pay attention to the behavior of the animal and your emotions. Is the bear independent or dominant, protective or threatening? This symbol can indicate a female presence with similar qualities in your daily life. For example, the bear symbolizes your mother, a relationship with your partner, or a woman who exerts a strong influence.

This animal can also mean that you are looking for more independence. The strength of the bear is an encouraging sign that reflects your own courage and the use of personal resources to meet your emancipation needs.

Dream scenarios including bears

Dreaming of a sleeping or hibernating bear. This dream symbolizes your need to think carefully before making your idea known to the world. You are in a renewal period and need time before you start again. The bear can also represent an important project which is gestation.

If you are chased by a bear, this means that you are avoiding a major problem in your life. It is time to deal with the situation. If you are attacked and prosecuted, it is because you feel trapped or threatened. This can symbolize a situation where you feel overwhelmed or a bad relationship of domination and possessiveness. A bear chasing or attacking you represents uncontrolled anger.

If the bear is standing, you must defend your ideas.

Dreaming of a bear trap. In such a dream, a bear trap represents the obstacles that bother you and that can be difficult to overcome. These obstacles impinge on your independence, your autonomy and your well-being.

Other common dreams with bears

An eating bear indicates that you need to prepare for the future.

A bear that eats honey suggests you savor the fruits of your labor and efforts.

If you are fighting with a bear, it means that you are defending yourself during a problem.

If you kill a bear, this suggests that you will win your confrontation.

Seeing a mother and her cubs symbolizes maternal protection, food and attention.

Different types of bears and their meaning

The polar bear represents rebirth. It can also symbolize a source of spiritual wisdom or aspirations for inner peace.

A teddy bear symbolizes a regression at a younger age. Maybe you think a lot about your childhood memories. This suggests a feeling of insecurity, a desire to be comforted and supported. You need to be reassured and you would like someone to take care of you. It can also represent an immature relationship.

Use these questions to decipher the possible meaning behind your bear dreams.

  • Was the bear tame, wild or aggressive?
  • Was he in good health?
  • What environment was he in?
  • How did you act with the animal?
  • What was your first reaction to the bear?
  • Where did the bear come from?
  • Was it coming towards you or was it going away from you?
  • How did you feel in the dream?